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Below you can find the Top 5 Best Project Management Tools out there today:
• Our mission is to help your business work more efficiently by choosing the best tools out there
• We have done extensive research to find the leading products on the project management market
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Advertising Disclosure: We receive advertising fees, which impact the ranking, from the brands reviewed below. Full Disclosure.

Advertising Disclosure: We receive advertising fees, which impact the ranking, from the brands reviewed below. Full Disclosure.


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  • Track the status of multiple projects
  • Super flexible - change anything at anytime
  • One central work hub
  • Manage your team's work visually


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2 Glip Glip

Unlimited Free Plan

  • Large projects dashboard
  • Pending tasks app


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3 Wrike Wrike

14-Day Free Trial

  • Real time productivity reports
  • Budget tracking tool


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4 Pipedrive Pipedrive

14-Day Free Trial

  • Sales related features
  • Timeline view


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5 Easy Projects Easy Projects

14-Day Free Trial

  • Employee time tracker
  • Customizable dashboard


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How to Choose the Best Project Management Tool?

Whether you're a big company, a small business or a team, a great project management software can improve your performance. In today's market, even the best managers find the need of a project management tool to help them monitor progress and improve team collaboration.

Examples of project management systems include Agile, Kanban, Scrum and others. Common features in these tools are: project planning features, instant chat, to-do lists, scheduling, task manager, team collaboration features, timelines, Gantt charts and more. Some companies, like allow you to choose a project plan template that's been made for special use cases, to help guide you so you don't start from scratch.

There are many good tools to choose from, and they all come with a price. That can make the decision process quite intimidating. Luckily, you don't have to commit and spend big bucks on software that you worry might not be the best fit. The best project management software companies let you try their project management tools free of charge. That way you will be able to truly know what you are paying for, with enough time to let you decide whether it is the best project management tool for you. The table above lists the best free project management apps, rated by our team after extensive research.

What is Project Management Software?

A project management software is a tool that helps teams of varying sizes, collaborate and execute projects. You will find that this type of software is referred to in many different names, such as collaboration software, planning apps, to do list website, and many other combinations of these words that are too long to list here. However, they all have the same general purpose of managing work and projects between teams and individuals. It allows managers and workers follow progress, share information, make plans and adjustments to the projects, and much more. It's also a useful tool for communicating work progress to stakeholders, and present the data as clearly as possible.

Types of Project Management Tools:

There are several types of project management tools, in regards to how the software is run:

  • Individual - best suited for project planning beginners, or those looking for a light, efficient project management software that gets things done.

  • On-Premise - refers to applications that are installed locally, so access is usually available only from within your company.

  • Cloud Based - as all cloud based apps, these are project planning tools which can be accessed from anywhere at anytime, by all clients and users that are given access.

  • Open API - for those who favor customization or special adjustments to their existing solutions. Open API project management tools can fulfill a wide range of tasks and requests, at an almost tailor-made level.

Task Management, Project Planning, To Do List Website, Online Checklist and More. Are They All The Same?

The short answer is - yes. They are all different names for basically the same kind of software - project management software. However, some software might be better suited for specific use cases more than others. The best project planning apps will have all features and use cases covered. However, don't settle and simply believe the different marketing terms and use your right for a free trial period. The best task management apps in the market are listed above, and all provide a free trial.

What to Look For in a Project Management Tool?

Choosing a project management software provider for your team can get confusing. The last few years have presented us with a plethora of CRM and Cloud based products, all designed for the task of project management. These products describe themselves with different terms such as project planning, task management, online to do lists, project tracking, Gantt chart creators, workflow software and many other terms that fall under the umbrella of project management.

Eventually, you will need to choose the best project management tool for you and your team. Committing to one to do app can seem like just another frustrating thing on your todo list, but here are 5 tips to help you take the guess-work out of choosing the right product:

  1. What is your biggest pain point when it comes to organization? Are you trying to organize financial products, team members scattered across the globe, client files, sales leads? Knowing what you need to organize most will help you choose the best project management software. Some are designed specifically for a sales force. Some are data-heavy and provide insightful reports, and others are highly customizable no matter your business. Figure out what you need to organize the most and go from there.

  2. How much can you afford to spend to get the features you need. There are project management software packages available for Fortune 500 companies that have every bell and whistle imaginable, but if you don’t need to have them all for a 5-member team, then make sure you’re not paying for more than you need. Many of the project management app providers also allow scalability so that it can grow with your company. You can totally Geek out on some of the interfaces and smart phone apps, but do you need them all? And will your team benefit from having them? Approaching the decision from this perspective will keep your costs down and still let you manage workflows and projects.

  3. If it doesn’t have a free trial, skip it. There’s a reason you test drive a car before buying one, and software isn’t any different. How will you know if it is easy enough to use, or just adds more frustration to your project responsibilities it you don’t take a project management software for spin around the block? Put it through the ringer during your free trial. Try every feature on it, even if you don’t think you’ll need it, and then compare it with the use of another company’s product (while under a free trial). It may seem like a lot of extra effort, but if you invest a few hours up front it will save you possibly hundreds of hours later.

  4. Ask your team members for advice. Has anyone on your team worked with a project management software before at another firm or managing their own clients that they are absolutely in love with. Ask them about the pros and cons and sit down with them to learn how their previous use of a product might help you choose one today.

  5. Make sure everyone is on board. Your project manager needs excellently designed, integrative software, but so does everyone else. If your management are the only ones using a software, it likely isn’t user friendly or you need better training for your team. Make sure that when you are choosing a product, it has appropriate on-boarding support for everyone who will be using it. With these specific points in mind you’re sure to make an informed choice for your project management software.

Finding the best project management software is a matter of needs and experience. If you have experience working with project management tools, we suggest checking our reviews for a better understanding of each tool. When comparing project management software, you should first think of the features you need most and the type of projects you're expecting to run.

For example, the best project management tools for someone who wants to create a timeline, are the ones that offer an extensive timeline creator or timeline maker. Of course, that is a feature most if not all project management tools on this site offer, as it is an integral part of project tracking and project planning.

If you don't have experience, a free trial is usually a great way to understand if a specific project management software is good for you. Most companies listed on this site offer a free trial or a money-back guarantee.

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How We Rate Project Management Apps

The tools featured on our site are those we consider as the top project management tools, apps or software in the market. Our team members have reviewed the different apps and conducted extensive project management software comparison. As seen on our reviews, our ratings are composed of many criteria such as features, ease of use, integration with other software, customer support, pricing, free trial and more. We strongly believe in the power of social proof, which is why we also take popularity into consideration when we rate these top project management apps.