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  • Track the status of multiple projects
  • Super flexible - change anything at anytime
  • One central work hub
  • Manage your team's work visually


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2 Wrike Wrike

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  • Real time productivity reports
  • Budget tracking tool


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3 Easy Projects Easy Projects

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  • Employee time tracker
  • Customizable dashboard


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4 Mavenlink Mavenlink

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  • Quality OpenAPI
  • Time and expense tracking


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5 Accelo Accelo

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  • Drag and drop Gantt charts
  • Automation tools


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How to Choose the Best Gantt Chart Software?

What Are Gantt Charts?

Gantt charts were invented around 100 years ago, yet they are still quite popular in the project management world. Anything that’s practiced for such a long period of time must be good and reliable. However, think about how the world had progressed in this time period. It is almost impossible for something to still be the best practice in any field for such a long time. That is exactly the case with classic Gantt charts.

While Gantt charts have their advantages, they are not the best solution for every scenario in project management. One main caveat of Gantt charts is that they could be extremely complex and hard to handle. Other common complaints are that they need constant updating, which in itself is a tough task to complete. Flexibility is a major issue with Gantt charts. Additionally, it could be very hard for beginner managers, while experienced project managers might say it lacks key features. Not as perfect as you’d expect from a tool that’s still so widely popular.

As time progressed, project managers had encountered the same problems over and over again with Gantt charts. Yet instead of creating better tools for project management, they adapted their plans to fit the Gantt chart. Instead of solving the problem, they simply accepted it as fate.

Gantt Charts Made Better

Human nature dictates that everything good can become even better. That’s the mentality that brought us to this day, and that’s what drives progress. Gantt charts were (and still are) great, and you can easily create Gantt charts online today. Online Gantt charts are very popular, and make collaboration and sharing easier than they used to be. However, classic Gantt charts are not the best tool modern times can offer. Luckily for us, people had recognized this opportunity and created tools such as’s timeline.

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This is not your simple gantt chart maker. This tool allows you to visually manage the time for your project, but without the complexity or lack of flexibility that Gantt charts bring. For example, once you create a timeline, altering it due to sudden delays is easily done by dragging and dropping. Doing so with a standard Gantt chart maker is a lot more difficult, and editing can be a nightmare once the project is on its way. Beginner project managers will find monday’s timeline a lot more intuitive and easy-to-use. More experienced project managers will find its flexibility refreshing. Its advanced features will also be useful for expert project managers who know exactly what they want to achieve, down to every small detail.