Easy Projects


  • Employee time tracker
  • Customizable dashboard


Easy Projects is a web-based project management software that allows you to get rid of white boards, external email, text messages, and even white boards to streamline task-management when multiple parties are involved. As the name infers, it is slightly different than other project management software in that it offers a client-based interface which takes a standardized work request form and turns it into to-do lists for the team. Other apps are more internally focused, whereas EasyProjects allows clients to see work progress in real-time.


Easy Projects has many customizable features. Standard features include:

  • A project portfolio manager so you can see many projects from a bird’s eye-view.
  • Time tracking for hourly employees
  • Task management
  • Calendars
  • A personal to-do-list
  • A dashboard with customizable features such as events, milestones, and even expense tracking
  • A guest portal
  • An “Activity Center” that acts as your springboard for project management.
  • The ability to import from Microsoft Excel and MS Project
  • Project completion percentage so you can see which projects are zooming along and which are lagging behind
  • Instant status reports for management on progress of work and project completion.
  • Real-time messaging for clients and guests as well as internal team.
  • Meeting notes collated into one space, and archived

Ease of Use

As there are many different customizable applications of this software, there can be a bit of learning curve. However, it can meet the needs of almost any industry, from IT to a restaurant business to sales and marketing.


Currently, Easy Projects works with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Project as well as being customizable for API.

Customer Support

24-7 customer support is available by phone, online chat, and email.

Plans and Pricing

Easy Projects offers a free-trial. Thereafter pricing starts at $24 a month for the Pro level. You need to call for a quote for the highest level which is Enterprise

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent customer support
  • Many tools available if you are running multiple teams and have billable hours or employee schedules to manage along with project work flow
  • It’s used by some bug corporations like Ernst & Young, U.P.S. and Toshiba, so you can rest assured it isn’t a fly-by-night project management app that just came out of beta.
  • Easy Projects includes customizable fields to help manage workflows better


  • Easy Projects is geared toward management and CEOs, less-so for more integrative work without a top-down style.
  • It is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud, so security and privacy could be an issue.


Transparency and ease of communication can build your business or cost you thousands of dollars a day in lost work hours, and stagnant workflows. Easy Projects allows a streamlined, and customizable project management portal that both your employees, and your clients can interact with, conceivably saving millions for larger companies and making sure small businesses squeeze the most productivity out of their small budgets that they can.