A feature-rich project management software, Freshdesk is full of tools that can help you run a team, track conversions, set project deadlines, and integrate work flows to get things done faster – thus saving your business money. It is geared to handle customer service for your company. It is particularly useful for ticketing agencies, performance venues, and special events. You can create ticketing tasks to be automated based on pre-set triggers. Freshdesk is ideal for enterprise and small businesses.


The features available through Freshdesk are similar to what you see in other project management software, however, additional tools include:

  • Automation of email for ticketing agents
  • Intelligent ticketing
  • Event automation
  • Time-triggered automation
  • Ticket dispatch based on keywords or properties you assign
  • A fully functioning call center with call tracking and recording
  • Team-huddle (internal messaging system)
  • Shared ownership
  • Helpdesk reports
  • Schedule reports
  • Customer satisfaction ratings
  • CSS customization
  • Custom Apps
  • Custom agent creation
  • Custom ticket forms and vanity url
  • IP and Network restrictions
  • Single sign on credentialing
  • And more

Ease of Use

The work desk is somewhat intuitive, but expect a slight learning curve to be able to use all the features as they are presented.


Integrations include:

  • Dropbox
  • Google calendars and contacts
  • Google Analytics
  • Slack
  • Mailchimp
  • Atlassian Jira
  • You can also create and publish your own apps

Customer Support

24/7 email support is available and 24 hour 5-days-a-week phone service is available.

Plans and Pricing

Pricing starts with a 21-day free trial. Thereafter there are five levels of service:

Sprout – This level of service is free and works when you are just getting started, or want to see if the features of the product will benefit your company. It offers and email channel, basic phone channel, a social channel, a basic chat channel and a knowledge base.

Blossom – This level of service includes everything in Sprout, but also includes an advanced social channel, team huddle (internal messaging app), satisfaction surveys, custom domain mapping, and time tracking.

Garden – This level of service gives you everything in Blossom as well as a multilingual helpdesk, ticket templates, community forums, scheduled reports, and CSS customization.

Estate – The Estate level of service give you everything available in Garden, as well as multiple products, agent collision, shared ownership, enterprise reports, and custom agent roles.

Forest – The final level of service gives you everything in Estate as well as IP whitelisting, a custom email service, EU data center, and a skill-based ticket assignment.

Pros & Cons


  • Offers all the tools you would need to scale your business for great customer service locally or globally
  • It allows you to bring multiple channels of communication – email, phone online chat – onto one platform so that your customer service team can handle issues more easily.
  • Multiple price levels are available so you can afford the service no matter how big your business is now and scale to a higher service level later when you grow.


  • There is a slight learning curve to take advantage of all of Freshdesk’s features.


If you want to deflect incoming customer service issues with a high-quality knowledge database, offer your customers 24-7 support, and scale your business’ customer service globally, then Freshdesk is a great tool. It allows you to integrate multiple teams in multiple locations with ease, and makes customer service interactions seamless.