• Track the status of multiple projects
  • Super flexible - change anything at anytime
  • One central work hub
  • Manage your team's work visually


If you’re looking to streamline collaboration between teams or across departments,, previously known as dapulse, is a project management platform out of Tel Aviv with a distinct advantage over common methods of interaction, such as email, spreadsheets, or even your competitors’ management tools. It simplifies the communication of tasks and deadlines to your team by allowing greater transparency. displays goal or project progress data in a shareable spreadsheet-like format, but with the ability to limit page views among different users. You can choose the number of participants given a “seat” within the platform based on the level you purchase. Whether you have 2 people or 50 working on a project, they can all stay abreast of what has been accomplished, and eliminate redundancy and confusion with four pricing tiers available for’s platform, (Standard, Pro, or Enterprise) which can grow with your business.


When you sign into’s free-trial, you can choose templates that are set up for industry-specific projects – social media management, a sales process, a marketing project, a design scheme for architects or interior designers, or even shift scheduling are a few examples. You can also start from scratch to set up a template that will work more specifically to meet your needs. Users can click on a chart that shows work in progress, or simply “stuck” so that you can address work flow issues.

Standard features include:

  • An ability to drag and drop group tasks
  • Ability add files or notes to any task
  • See quickly who has been assigned a task and their progress in completing it
  • Internal messages to a team to give them progress reports on a project
  • Communicate to the whole team with a User List that contains important contact data
  • iOS, Android integration

Boards can also be public or private, shareable to any user.

There is also a live feed which records discussions across the team as they happen. These are stored and are searchable in the future. is highly customizable, and has an increasing ability to cater to your business and planning needs. Tools for users are constantly evolving, too. The company most recently added sublists so that users can drill down to specific tasks, color-coded timelines (which allow you to sync your timeline with a Google Calendar, iCal, or block out weekends, for example), and filtering tools for your inbox so that you can decide which project’s communication to look at. This is exceptionally helpful if you manage multiple teams and multiple projects.

Another recently added feature is the ability to add a GIF file to spice up timelines and incentivize completion of work.


Ease of Use is probably best for larger teams of at least 3 or more individuals due to its learning curve. There are so many features to learn, but once integrated into the project management process, they will likely pay for the time and cost of the app in spades.

The company also offers ample YouTube videos, tutorials, and even blog advice on how best to use their product. There is a VIP training package which teaches your team how to use from its inception, as well.


Currently, works closely with Dropbox, Zapier, Google Drive, and similar sharing and management tools, while offering an API that lets developers build their own integrations. This is a more advanced functionality which may require some technical assistance. The platform is also planning on integrating with other platforms like Slack, Workzone, Jive, Fuze, and Workplace by Facebook.

Customer Support

24-7 customer support is available by phone, email and even snail mail. The company provides addresses to both their New York and Tel Aviv offices.

Plans and Pricing starts as low as $39 per month. The free trial is available without a credit card for 14 days but has limited functionality. Higher tiers providing increased functionality are: Basic: $39 a month with 5 GB of storage, 24/7 support and unlimited boards. Standard: $49 a month. It includes everything in the Basic package, but with 50 GB of storage, unlimited activity log, multiple views, integrations, automation and dashboards. Pro: $79 per month. Includes everything you get in Standard and more, such as: Unlimited storage, allows more actions per month with integrations and automations, time tracking, chart view, private boards, Google Authentication ability, user profile customization and more. Enterprise: Includes all features previously mentioned, but also an audit log, single Sign on, advanced security, one-on-one training, 99.9% uptime SLA,VIP support and more. For Enterprise pricing, please contact their sales team.

Pros & Cons


  •’s platform can be customized to any business imaginable.
  • It is easy to use in the beginner stages, but becomes more complex with added features.
  • It integrates with a custom API.
  • Communication across multiple internal parties is easy to conduct.


  • There is a steep learning curve for some of the platform’s more advanced functions.
  • Competitor’s pricing is lower, but other products offer fewer tools for project streamlining.


Transparency and ease of communication can make or break the success of a company. With an increasingly mobile workforce, allows for the full integration of project management tools shareable with team members across the globe, providing transparency and task management efficiency at a reasonable cost.