• Sales related features
  • Timeline view


Pipedrive offers any sales person a hidden edge for organizing the sales process. Think of it as a project management software designed specifically for marketing and sales, and developed by those in IT and sales industries.


When you sign into Pipedrive, you’ll see the leads that you have uploaded from a spreadsheet or another file. Everything is customizable. Tabs include:

  • Personal
  • Billing
  • Pipeline
  • Goals
  • Users
  • Import/Export data
  • Push notifications
  • And more

Standard features include:

  • The ability to track all leads
  • Establish when contact was made and when to contact a lead again, and through what method (social media, email, cold call, etc.)
  • Follow up tasks
  • The ability to see all proposals viewable in one place
  • Negotiations
  • Ability to prioritize your sales channels, so you can follow up on the hottest leads first
  • Customizable reports and data stats in real time, including forms to collect data from leads or prospects
  • You can create custom products to offer your clients (with product codes, varying costs per market, etc.)
  • A timeline view for a better big-picture.

Ease of Use

Pipedrive is available on your computer smart phone or tablet, so you can keep track of your sales pipeline if you’re in the office, or on the road. The software is highly intuitive, so even though there are some features (like API integration) that may have a bit of a learning curve, just poking around in the software is enough to begin to learn its capabilities. Integrations Pipedrive sinks completely with your email, smart BBC, and has API capabilities to link to other software. It also works with many apps like Dealbot, Asana, Slack, Drop box, etc. Their app integration is growing all the time.

Customer Support

24-7 customer support is available by phone, online chat, and email.

Plans and Pricing

Pipedrive offers a 14-day free trial. Thereafter a monthly contract starts at just $15 per user-per month. There are also discounts for advanced payment for the year in full. You can add or remove members at any time during a subscription as well. Higher tiers of service and functionality are: Gold - $24 per user-per month billed annually Platinum - $63 per user-per month billed annually

Pros & Cons


  • Pipedrive is easy to use.
  • It is easy to customize its features to your sales or marketing niche.
  • It links with email and external calendars and contacts (Google-based and other 3rd-party systems) so you can stay informed in a sales process.
  • It offers a great way to collect all your leads in one place and work through them methodically to close sales.


  • The cost for higher levels of functionality and storage space are a bit expensive compared to competitor’s products, but few are geared specifically to the sales and marketing industry.
  • The whole array tools may take time to learn to use, but are worth investing in to increase productivity in the long term.


Tracking multiple projects, thousands of products, and many different sales leads can be time consuming and confusing. Closing deals is much easier with Pipedrive, and its customization abilities are helpful no matter what you are selling.