• Real time productivity reports
  • Budget tracking tool


Wrike is a web-based project management application used by companies like Google and Hootsuite. It integrates all communication, photos, videos, files, and spreadsheets into one place for easy of work flow, with built in, customizable forms to reduce redundancy and stagnation in to-do lists and team member responsibilities. It uses these forms to automatically assign tasks based on preset parameters, such as: develop copy, set up marketing meetings, send to social media, develop email-drip campaign, finance committee set-up, etc.


Standard features include:

  • A personal dashboard to get a streamlined view of projects in progress
  • A timeline view (Gannt chart) to see where team members are succeeding or lagging on tasks assigned for a project
  • Ability to give real-time feedback and adjust workflows to meet deadlines
  • A customizable dashboard that allows you to look at charts, graphs, deadlines, calendars, and more
  • Real-time, interactive productivity reports
  • Live editing and file management
  • Customizable forms to streamline work requests
  • Time and budget tracking tools
  • Ability to share data and communication with employees internally as well as clients outside your company
  • Live activity streaming
  • Email and calendar syncing ability

Ease of Use

Wrike is an industry leader in project management software for good reason. It helps clients stay abreast of work flows, without having to recreate work orders, instructions or reports. Every type of work order or tracking data is available via customizable reports that are industry specific. It is an incredible product that has saved companies time, money, and the headache of communicating big ideas or big projects in a user-friendly and efficient manner. Integrations Wrike works closely with almost all standard office software (Dropbox, Google Docs, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc.), as well as mobile applications (Android, iPhones, etc.) and can plug into just about anything with APIs.

Customer Support

24-7 customer support is available by phone, online chat and email.

Plans and Pricing

A free version of Wrike is available for those with 5 or fewer users. Wrike then starts at just under $10 per user/per month. This is sufficient for a company or team with 15 or fewer users. The next level is Business for 5-200 users costing $24.80 per month/per user. The next level is $34.60 per user/per month with unlimited users. The final tier is Enterprise Unlimited with advanced security. You have to call for a quote.

Pros & Cons


  • There is almost nothing you can’t plan, organize or communicate with this application. If you want to assign ten projects at once, to fifty different team members, Wrike does it intuitively and allows you see exactly what is being accomplished at any moment.
  • Great user interface
  • Stellar customer support
  • Extensive Help Center
  • Great training tools including a well-stocked video tutorial center


  • The app has so many features it can take a moment to learn how to use them all, but it is well worth the learning curve once you start saving time and money from better efficiency.
  • This software is a bit pricier than its competitors, but it delivers at every level.
  • Projects, folders and tasks could be integrated into one area.


If you want state of the art reports for project management goals, better efficiency and transparency in stagnation of work flows, and one place to keep all project communication, then Wrike can help. This project management app is more like a meeting place combined with great work tools that can support a variety of businesses and industries.